Thursday, 6 January 2011


In order plan a performance i had to be aware of vital it is to judge and think about the audience while making conclusions and I also had to be alert in organizing the actors and make sure they would be safe at all times. i also had to make sure equipment and props on the stage aren't danger for them which could cause accidents such as tripping clashing and slipping over tools ect. the main safety rules i discussed in my team involved :

props should be kept in a safe box the key of that should be given to the prop manager.

first aid kit should be provided at all times. 

All the props should be stable.

torches should be given to all backstage members to be used during blackouts.

Health and safety also relate to using sharp tools and practices such as cutting away from the body wearing goggles and usage of masks.


I have always been a fan of helping backstage in proceedings and also taking control but although carrying out the duty which was given right through the production which has made me recognize it was very unique and useful task that I am passionate about. "little shop of horrors"has given me contrastive information such as how to think while arranging an event and also which characteristic you need to cover so that you are not responsible for anything to go wrong or more with this experience I consider that I have became alert of my strengths that are I am prepared and dependable to finish any duty instantly at a good quality my weak points are to participate more into the group debates. even though i consider this is a constructive development for being in charge for certain tasks has given me a lot of bravery. My preferred job was being a helper backstage on the day of the performance as it was so powerful which has made me feel defy and it was unbelievable feeling particularly when the show was effectively ended and i saw the reaction of the audience giving standing ovation which made me happy for myself and my team mates and also the staff that helped out. at the end all the effort paid off. I have also been improve on my communication skills and also my self enthusiasm. my part involved me to work in the prop department the tasks involved making sure all the equipment is placed in right order according to the scene.
by doing this project it made me alert of my ability in set design and it has given me knowledge and helped me make a big choice. when I study broadcasting where I take part in similar activities.       
This is how the title looked like once i have changed the font of the writing which involved significant
information according to the atmosphere of the show. I chose to give it a straight and simple bold 
font so then it goes well with the background. 

little shop of horrors

This is my final design of the poster that I designed by using Photoshop.

Group Discussions

I was in a group with five other members it was crucial that we Continually have had team discussions in order to contribute our views and suggestions. by sharing our opinions it made a vital
change as we were capable to know if there is trouble which we could beat before it arises.   


Advertising Responsibilities

when making an advert to be endorsed in a community there are many characteristic weather it is appropriate or well thought out or either the way it is existing in writing or pictures there are some themes that maybe offensive therefore ASA make sure there costumers don't just like the adverts they keep the faith on them. there are some topics that involves. 

- crime
- alcohol
-  smoking 
-  Nudity 
-  violence 

How does it impact on your promotional campaign for the show?

while going through the making design scheme and the advertising is properly permitted me to meet obstruction as my first aim was to support the poster on the actors of the show. The problems that I faced was none of the actors  wanted the poster to be about them. even though if there was people they wouldn't be placed in unsuitable way because of unenthusiastic blow on the poster so I decided to base my poster on something else.

The ASA are in UK they are self sufficient regulator that stops adverts that may cause necessitate to be false unlawful crime. They work with the marketing communications and which also deals with internet adverts, radio ads, they are paid money for under there run direct email, space text message and emails offers competitions   teleshopping, sales, and cinema adverts. By investigating on ASA I have allowed myself important information the advert standards agency are exceptional and professional. 

How important is regulation in media why?

If media did not have system one could visualize how dishonest the industry will turn out to be with complains. It is important that the rules would be well thought out and the amount of fake or wrong images are publicized due to culture or religion.  It is vital for market to keep ans sustain moral thinking. The most significant regulation is not to ignore or mistreat there codes these two are the most major regulation they need to follow. 

The typeface used for the title for this poster looks printed on it works well with the background research of the production. the font was big in the 1900s as it went out to be big with fashion and New York which is where the play set in fashion capital. The problem that I have is with title could be in one colour otherwise the theme looks very lively. 

Performance types

What is a performance?

A performance is generally an event in which group of people or the performers act in a particular way for another group of people the audience. 










Stage directions, Terminology &Definitions

STAGE BLOCKING:     in theatre terms it refers to the specific movement and positioning of actors on a stage in order to assist the performance of a play, ballet, or live performances.
SIGHTLINES:   is a line between spectators or at a stage or a play and venue and It also recommended that the spectator's eye height must be not be lower than 800 mm above the stage.
UPSTAGE:  is toward at or relating to the rear part of a stage.
DOWNSTAGE:   near or in front of the stage.
STAGE RIGHT: the part of stage on the actor’s right as they face the right.
STAGE LEFT:  the part of the stage to the left of a performer facing the audience.
What do these terms help us to do?
You can use these words while you are a part of a play or being a member of it you need to use these technical terms.
Find out who the audience is?
The play was based the age group of 12 to 18 years old.
Where will the show be held?
The show was held at Heston community school in the hall.
To whom tickets are available?
Pupils, friends, staff, family.
 Where will the promotional champagne be targeted?
It will be targeted at school, or leaflets.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011



A mood board is a poster that consists of images that relate to a certain theme. For visual communication.  It is used by designers to develop their design concepts and to communicate to other members of the design team.
The search engine that I used was Google images, Getty, and photo search. The keywords that I used for my research is 1950s New York backstreets and shop signs.
To make sure I got good quality images I tried to search for images larger than 350x 250 pixels which means Image is not blurred when you enlarge it to worker on it further.
I used the mood board as inspiration for images to put it in the design box also selected right text and colours according to the theme.