Sunday, 1 May 2011


Name: Anup Sagoo

Did you enjoy the show? yes

Did the props work well throughout the show?

yes they were in good range of props that made me identify the show.

Did the show flow fluently? yes it did most of the time.

What would you improve about the performance?

it could have been more longer.

How well did the actors act ? they were all very clear and confident and knew what they were saying.

Name: Jeet Patel

Did you enjoy the show?

Yes it was very entertaining and was fun to watch.

What did you think about the sounding?

It was very good with scary atmosphere.

Did the show flow fluently?

Yes but changes of actors tone it was harder to hear the actors.

Was the plant scary?

yes for the younger audience it was.

Name: samira shabani

Did you enjoy the show?

yes it was really nicely organised.

What did you think about the sounding?

sound was perfect went well with play.

How well did the actors act?

they weren't that bad.


What practical work did you get involved for the production?
- Prop Manager
- Visual Research
- Stage Management
- Prop Construction

What did you find out about the timescale of preproduction work?

A immovable time limit meant start work with pressure as the dates gets nearer. to achieve and complete all the tasks scheduled system management leader was arranged and organised to give up there time and assist and teach the whole group members there roles and responsibilities according to the time limit.

 What part did you enjoy the most or felt good at and bad at?

I enjoyed doing the visual research by using the search engines. I have also identified the real importance of 1950s New York and also the aspect to get right information for the poster.

Explain one element of the project you think you have learnt the most from?

While working backstage I have discovered the problems which may arise whilst the performance is taking place that needed to be sorted out straight away. you must be ready to face any obstructions which may cause the show to run well. You can also avoid obstructions by working in details by rehearsing or by keeping a checklist and also by making sure everything is going well. It is also important to have management system . you would also need accurate measurements while making props, and action props construction. it is very vital to rehearse so then changes and improvements could be made also to find out who's going to open and close the curtains, lighting positioning brightness, color sound of the volume and the used props placements positioning background.  

After looking at the results and the comments most of the people have had fun and enjoyed the show and they were really excited and happy with the overall outcome of the show the only problem that audience had was when the actors were speaking they weren't that clear.

Saturday, 16 April 2011


In the process of planing a live performance I understood how vital it is to think about the audience whilst making a decision, although you also need to be attentive of the actors and make sure that they are safe and any movement on the stage doesn't cause them any harm. I discussed with my team members the risk of working on the stage that are.

- props getting lost or damaged - every prop/all equipment is made for a reason.
-Darkness - it can make actors nervous as it can be risky to move about in the blackouts.
- Using Power Tools - whoever is in charge of using the sharp tools they should make sure they don't leave anything plugged in or left in dangerous positions. Masks and gloves should be worn at all times while working and hair should also tied up.
Cutting tools - 3 point health & safety check: always cut away from your body, always retract the blade when not in use & do not move about with the knife or wave it near other people.

    Pre Production

Use of power tools
wear safety clothing/goggles
Cutting equipment
use cutting mats
Slippery surfaces
indicate clear signs
Use of paint and glue
use water based
Heavy lifting
work in groups, bend knees not backs
Ensure that plants are safe to use
make sure he had easy access to enter and exit, no sharps bits, did not get dehydrated if it got too hot etc

Stage blackout, tripping/falling/colliding
use of torches, all scenery positions clearly marked on the floor

Height hazard, falling off stage
use of barriers, clear announcements to cast/crew, pulling curtains during blackouts
Moving scenery around, position/remove/change
allocate specific job roles
Crowd control
controlled tickets sales, security, staff on the door, clear signs, research the seating limit in the venue, seating plan
clear announcement and signs, usual fire precautions
Props being misused/lost
keep props(inc. weaponry) on specific tables, keep a log book under control of the manager
Actors don’t get too hot
Have an interval during the production

Thursday, 6 January 2011


In order plan a performance i had to be aware of vital it is to judge and think about the audience while making conclusions and I also had to be alert in organizing the actors and make sure they would be safe at all times. i also had to make sure equipment and props on the stage aren't danger for them which could cause accidents such as tripping clashing and slipping over tools ect. the main safety rules i discussed in my team involved :

props should be kept in a safe box the key of that should be given to the prop manager.

first aid kit should be provided at all times. 

All the props should be stable.

torches should be given to all backstage members to be used during blackouts.

Health and safety also relate to using sharp tools and practices such as cutting away from the body wearing goggles and usage of masks.


I have always been a fan of helping backstage in proceedings and also taking control but although carrying out the duty which was given right through the production which has made me recognize it was very unique and useful task that I am passionate about. "little shop of horrors"has given me contrastive information such as how to think while arranging an event and also which characteristic you need to cover so that you are not responsible for anything to go wrong or more with this experience I consider that I have became alert of my strengths that are I am prepared and dependable to finish any duty instantly at a good quality my weak points are to participate more into the group debates. even though i consider this is a constructive development for being in charge for certain tasks has given me a lot of bravery. My preferred job was being a helper backstage on the day of the performance as it was so powerful which has made me feel defy and it was unbelievable feeling particularly when the show was effectively ended and i saw the reaction of the audience giving standing ovation which made me happy for myself and my team mates and also the staff that helped out. at the end all the effort paid off. I have also been improve on my communication skills and also my self enthusiasm. my part involved me to work in the prop department the tasks involved making sure all the equipment is placed in right order according to the scene.
by doing this project it made me alert of my ability in set design and it has given me knowledge and helped me make a big choice. when I study broadcasting where I take part in similar activities.       
This is how the title looked like once i have changed the font of the writing which involved significant
information according to the atmosphere of the show. I chose to give it a straight and simple bold 
font so then it goes well with the background. 

little shop of horrors

This is my final design of the poster that I designed by using Photoshop.