Thursday, 6 January 2011


I have always been a fan of helping backstage in proceedings and also taking control but although carrying out the duty which was given right through the production which has made me recognize it was very unique and useful task that I am passionate about. "little shop of horrors"has given me contrastive information such as how to think while arranging an event and also which characteristic you need to cover so that you are not responsible for anything to go wrong or more with this experience I consider that I have became alert of my strengths that are I am prepared and dependable to finish any duty instantly at a good quality my weak points are to participate more into the group debates. even though i consider this is a constructive development for being in charge for certain tasks has given me a lot of bravery. My preferred job was being a helper backstage on the day of the performance as it was so powerful which has made me feel defy and it was unbelievable feeling particularly when the show was effectively ended and i saw the reaction of the audience giving standing ovation which made me happy for myself and my team mates and also the staff that helped out. at the end all the effort paid off. I have also been improve on my communication skills and also my self enthusiasm. my part involved me to work in the prop department the tasks involved making sure all the equipment is placed in right order according to the scene.
by doing this project it made me alert of my ability in set design and it has given me knowledge and helped me make a big choice. when I study broadcasting where I take part in similar activities.       

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