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DIREACTOR:   a film director a person that is responsible for the actors and crew in making the film to control films artistic and dramatic aspects also while guiding the crew and actors.
PRODUCER:   is someone that picks a screenplay initiating while making a film and they would also control creating a scene while and conditions for making movies.
DESIGNER:  is the one that designs and makes objects such as consumer products processes laws games and graphics is referred to a designer.
Lighting Designer:    they mainly work with the director, set design and costume designer, to make an overall look of the show in response to a text while keeping the amount in mind.
MUSICAL DIREACTOR:    is the person that is directs music they are head of music department in a band or ECT. 
STAGE MANAGER:    is the person that has overall responsibility for stage management and smooth execution of a production.
STAGE CREW: has to make sure that lighting and sound run correctly according to the event.
 CHOREGRAPHER:     works with the dancers to interpret and develop ideas and transform them in to the finished performances. 
PROP MASTER :   works within the art department of the film set and also once the camera starts rolling prop master is there to ensure the props and set up are put away in a safe place.
 CONSTRUCTION MANAGER: is an overall planning coordinator and also control of the project should be done in that standard according to that cost.    
DRESSES/ WARDROBE ASSISTANT:  is a junior member of the costume designer they would team of assistants that involve cutters, markers and finishers, dyers and milliners.
PUBLICIST:  is a person who generates with public figure, celebrity, a business they are in charge of writing all the news.


A production designer is a person that is responsible for the overall look of weather it is a film, music videos, and adverts. As they have one of the most important role to play such as keeping all the motion pictures on television and work straight with director and  the producer.
Their main responsibilities are to make sure they pick a right setting, style and visually to tell story this process takes place when the production designer collaborates with the director of photography to overcome with the visual feel and specific needs for the theme.
 The production designer is the people that work on parts of vision. As they are in charge of find out the locations, such as changing the signs or putting in a new carpets. An art director is a specialist at reporting to construction department that involves carpenter, painters, plasterers, riggers, and the other traders.
As they play a huge part behind the scenes the most important part they play is to look at the script before a director is approached to give estimates of the topic in art department spends on films.
When the production person read the screen play they try to make it real atmosphere visually also bring the story into real life most important part of their role.
After a breakdown on the script they have a meeting with the director to have a discuss about the best shots of the films e.g to decide rather to use sets and locations it is for them to decide either to built and what to adapted;   whether there is a visual theme that recurs throughout the film; whether there are certain design elements that may give an emotional or psychological depth to the film; whether CGI (computer generated imagery) should be used. Production Designers must calculate the budgets, and decide how the money and effort will be spent. These discussions are followed by an intense period of research during which Production Designers and their Specialist Researchers source ideas from books, photographs, paintings, the internet, etc


Miss jones was our cilent about the set of little shop horrors and the other thing she told us the set has to scary according to the play.

  after the scences have to be spooky as she really liked all the settings of the play. she also nedded a an orginal according to the scences.




Resources for
 mounting project (stage

TV studio set in-the-round

U2 rock concert in-the-round

Types of staging for performance

Proscenium arch stage is arch rounded  shape stage used for many things such plays, dramas.
The audience do get involved while watching the theatre.


The traditional stage is a designed place for performers and theatricals productions. This place gives space to actors and also the members of the audience at a certain point to be part of the play.   
Thrust stage which is also called platform stage and open stage is the one which stretches into the audience from three sides also is linked to the backstage. Also this place will be used for drama or for meetings. Contemporary stages are best used for plays and also for the celebrities to perform on as it is open from every side with good sound.
This third kind of stage is called contemporary stage as audience surround the place so that they are part of the performances as it is used for rock classical music , concerts, exhibition, presentations, conferences, and for television shows. this is the mainly used for hollywood faces as it is very structured.


This is another modern type of stage performers are the ones that use this to watch dramas, exhibition and also fashion shows.

This stage is used for traditional staging that is often used for decorative architecture where audience can see from the front.  This is mainly used for drama, plays, and concerts celbraties such as beyonce perform on all thesekinds of stages.

1950s New York

See full size imageA mood board is a poster that consists of images that relate to a certain theme. For visual communication.  It is used by designers to develop their design concepts and to communicate to other members of the design team.
The search engine that I used was Google images, Getty, and photo search. The keywords that I used for my research is 1950s New York backstreets and shop signs.
To make sure I got good quality images I tried to search for images larger than 350x 250 pixels which means Image is not blurred when you enlarge it to worker on it further.
I used the mood board as inspiration for images to put it in the design box also selected right text and colours according to the theme.

See full size image

See full size imageSee full size image
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