Sunday, 1 May 2011


What practical work did you get involved for the production?
- Prop Manager
- Visual Research
- Stage Management
- Prop Construction

What did you find out about the timescale of preproduction work?

A immovable time limit meant start work with pressure as the dates gets nearer. to achieve and complete all the tasks scheduled system management leader was arranged and organised to give up there time and assist and teach the whole group members there roles and responsibilities according to the time limit.

 What part did you enjoy the most or felt good at and bad at?

I enjoyed doing the visual research by using the search engines. I have also identified the real importance of 1950s New York and also the aspect to get right information for the poster.

Explain one element of the project you think you have learnt the most from?

While working backstage I have discovered the problems which may arise whilst the performance is taking place that needed to be sorted out straight away. you must be ready to face any obstructions which may cause the show to run well. You can also avoid obstructions by working in details by rehearsing or by keeping a checklist and also by making sure everything is going well. It is also important to have management system . you would also need accurate measurements while making props, and action props construction. it is very vital to rehearse so then changes and improvements could be made also to find out who's going to open and close the curtains, lighting positioning brightness, color sound of the volume and the used props placements positioning background.  

After looking at the results and the comments most of the people have had fun and enjoyed the show and they were really excited and happy with the overall outcome of the show the only problem that audience had was when the actors were speaking they weren't that clear.

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