Thursday, 25 November 2010


DIREACTOR:   a film director a person that is responsible for the actors and crew in making the film to control films artistic and dramatic aspects also while guiding the crew and actors.
PRODUCER:   is someone that picks a screenplay initiating while making a film and they would also control creating a scene while and conditions for making movies.
DESIGNER:  is the one that designs and makes objects such as consumer products processes laws games and graphics is referred to a designer.
Lighting Designer:    they mainly work with the director, set design and costume designer, to make an overall look of the show in response to a text while keeping the amount in mind.
MUSICAL DIREACTOR:    is the person that is directs music they are head of music department in a band or ECT. 
STAGE MANAGER:    is the person that has overall responsibility for stage management and smooth execution of a production.
STAGE CREW: has to make sure that lighting and sound run correctly according to the event.
 CHOREGRAPHER:     works with the dancers to interpret and develop ideas and transform them in to the finished performances. 
PROP MASTER :   works within the art department of the film set and also once the camera starts rolling prop master is there to ensure the props and set up are put away in a safe place.
 CONSTRUCTION MANAGER: is an overall planning coordinator and also control of the project should be done in that standard according to that cost.    
DRESSES/ WARDROBE ASSISTANT:  is a junior member of the costume designer they would team of assistants that involve cutters, markers and finishers, dyers and milliners.
PUBLICIST:  is a person who generates with public figure, celebrity, a business they are in charge of writing all the news.

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